Waitangi Day Recruiting

The unit will be at the Waitangi Day festival in Porirua on Wi Neera Drive with it’s flight simulators, looking for new recruits for 2018 – please come along and say “hello”.

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Recruiting now for 2018

The first parade night for 2018 is Tuesday 30th Jan from 6.30pm at TS Taupo.

If you or anyone you know is keen to join the ATC in 2018 please bring them and their parent(s) or caregiver(s) along so we can talk to them about what we can offer.

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Junior Leaders Course report by LAC Davies

During this week multiple cadets from all over the Central Area convened at Air Base Ohakea to partake in various leadership activities.

These activities included squad handling, lesson planning and outdoor leadership – all aimed at making us more capable and confident cadets, and ultimately JNCO’s.

From the course I have learnt some valuable skills and plan to utilise them in the future.  Some of these skills are useful in different aspects, for example voice projection (from squad handling) will be useful for addressing large crowds/classes, and presenting skills (lesson planning and delivery) for teaching people and possibly getting a job in the future.

All in all it was a great course and the skills I have picked up are very useful and effective.

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Shooting Results 2015

Once again No. 41 Squadron has taken out the national shooting competition for the central region, although this year the honour is shared with Ruahine Cadet Unit.

Overall No. 41 Squadron managed to field 3 teams in the shooting competition and their respective placing against the other ATC Units nationally are:-

A team – 5th with 430pts
B team – 13th with 369pts
C team – 8th with 400pts

Finally these cadets attained their Marksmanship standard during the competition:-

L. Keats 41 SQN – Marksman
E. Toohey 41 SQN – Marksman
A. Ogalvie 41 SQN – Marksman


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Junior Leaders Course Report by LAC Arrowsmith

Between the 4th and 11th of July 2015, LAC Davies and myself attended the NZCF CA JNCO Course held at RNZAF Base Ohakea. This is the leadership course for Cadets from all three Cadet Corps (Army, Air, and Sea) within the Central Area who are aspiring to lead within their units and become Junior NCOs. We had 38 Cadets from as far away as Gisborne come together for this week long course of learning and development. Within the course we were split into Syndicates of 9-10 Cadets from each Corps. These were the groups who we did the majority of the activities with during the week.

Prior to the beginning of the course I was slightly apprehensive about what to expect at this course, not forgetting astonishment at selection in the first place, as this is a highly sought after course for both Cadets themselves and Units trying their Cadets through the system. But soon after arrival I found that everyone was really friendly and accepting, with bonds developing between us as Cadets.

The course itself comprised of three ‘terminals’ (tests) which covered: Drill Instruction, Oral Presentations, and most importantly, Leadership. The week was well structured with plenty of time for practices for the terminals.

The first terminal we did was Drill Instruction. This comprises of teaching Cadets simple drill movements, which are vital for performing a basic parade within their Unit. By breaking down the sub-movements, it is easier to learn, for the basic Cadet with no prior drill experience. The time did drag on as we had to keep acting as students so the others could have their turn at instructing.

The next two days were filled with preparing, practicing, and then presenting our Oral Presentations. The topics for these were completely chosen by us. The first of which (the practice), was to be of 5 minutes duration, and the second (the terminal) was to be 10 minutes. The problem here ended up being trying to keep within the time limit, rather than trying to gather enough material to fill the time, because if it lasted more than 20% longer than the stated time, we would fail. I ended up cutting out material as I was presenting, because the just wasn’t enough time. We were given plenty of rest and break time during these presentations, which ensured that everyone had the full attention of their audience.

The last and most important of these terminals, leadership, took up the next two days. This is the most important of the three, because as Junior NCOs, we are expected to step up and become leaders within our Units, so it was critical we got a big tick for this one. Everyone in the syndicate was given a small task, in which they lead the group to achieve a goal. Whether it be load a trailer, re-dress a classroom, remove a tent peg from a circle we could not enter, or build a raft. These tasks brought out a true sense of comradery and teamwork within the group, with everyone chipping in and doing their fair share of work. Again, we had plenty of practice for this, so we knew exactly what we needed to improve on for the terminal.

The last day was comparatively relaxed, with a parade practice, the final parade itself, presentation of course certificates, and cleaning of the barracks, followed by a film in the evening.

So, to summarise. The JNCO course is really good fun. Everything is very well planned, which led to the successful and smooth running of the week. You meet a lot of new friends to stay in touch with, and hopefully attend more courses with in the future. Even the food was really good, although the portion sizes aren’t what they are at home.

So even though we lost a few people along the way, I really enjoyed the course and recommend to anybody considering it apply!


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Senior Leaders Course Report by Corporal Galvin

On July 11th at 9.35am I caught the coach to RNZAF base Ohakea for a week long Senior NCO course.

When we first arrived I was pleasantly surprised that we got individual rooms, unlike on the Juniors course!  While Juniors was all about teamwork, Seniors was all about being independent, so we were pretty much just expected to do everything ourselves.

We had to be up at 6am and at breakfast at the mess at 6.45am.  There was no alarm call and were expected to get ourselves up on time and get to places throughout the day without support/help.

During the week we were taught about instructional technique, leadership and drill which we were then tested on at different days during the week.

I felt that during the course I learnt a lot of useful skills that I can now take back to my Squadron.  I am really happy that I went on the course, I had a lot of fun and met some really cool people – it was a great experience.

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Rotary Flying Report by Corporal Eagles

Once we got to Palmerston North Airport we had to wait for someone from the flight school to meet us, so we went into the room which contained a pool table and dart board.  After meeting the pilot/instructor we walked down to the hangar to help pull out the helicopter before the first person went for their flight.

Once they were in the air the rest of us walked back to the flight school and played pool and darts.  I was last to go for a flight, and since I was last I had seen the other cadets attempts at hovering at the end of their flight, which made me a little nervous because of how much they had wobbled around.

Once in the air we flew out along a river where we practised some turns, than we headed out over the town to look around with some 360 turns.  Finally we headed back to the airfield and I attempted to hover, which is a lot harder than it looks!

After we had landed I helped to put the helicopter back in the hangar then we walked back to the building where we put all our details in our logbooks.  After saying our goodbyes we jumped back into our cars and went to Carl’s Jnr’s for lunch, before we headed home.

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Senior Leaders Course Report by Corporal O’Neil

On the 11th -17th of July Corporal Galvin and I completed Senior Non Commissioned officers course also known as seniors. This took place at Ohakea Air Force base near Bulls.

The aim of this course was to teach us skills to become a SNCO, throughout the course we had to complete 3 terminals which consisted of teaching, leadership and drill. For teaching we needed to do 2 lessons, one a practical and the other a theory. My practical was on knot tying while the other was on map reading.

My next terminal was leadership, we needed to show that we understood the GSMEAC acronym (Ground – Scenario – Mission – Execution – Admin & Logistics – Command & Signals).  Unfortunately it rained all day which made it hard to complete the tasks, but leadership is always fun because everyone works better as a team and the tasks are always fun to attempt.

The final terminal was Drill, we needed to take on the “flight sergeant roll” and take the flight during a parade. The drill was fun but it was difficult to stand through everyone else’s for that long.

After all that we had a ceremony parade which concluded the week, We got told who got top of course and syndicates and we also got to read through our course reports which mine surprisingly wasn’t even that bad.  I also got to go to number 3 squadron and see the NH90 helicopters, we got a tour from one of the pilots and he explained how he got into the RNZAF this showed us the opportunity we all could have.

Seniors not only taught me skills that I can use at cadets but skills and knowledge that I can use in my everyday life, I made many new friends and got taught things I would have never learnt if I never applied for SNCO. I would definitely recommend anyone that has gone on JNCO to apply because it is great fun.

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Promotions 22nd June

At parade on Mon 22nd June Cadet Bain was promoted to Leading Air Cadet (LAC)

And Sgt Ogilvie was promoted to Flight Sergeant (Flt Sgt)

Congratulations to both!

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Promotions 8th June 2015

On parade on Monday 8th June Cadet Gosavi was promoted to Leading Air Cadet (LAC):-

Also promoted from Corporal to Sergeant was Sgt Ngaro:-

Congratulations to both!

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