What We Do

Unit Activities

Throughout the year our training programme covers aviation, drill, bushcraft, navigation, weather, radio, first aid, firearms safety and marksmanship, military service and cadet force knowledge, risk management, leadership, and instructional techniques.

Our Aim

  • To foster a spirit of adventure and teamwork, and to develop those qualities of mind and body essential for good citizens and leaders.
  • To provide challenging and disciplined training activities, which will be useful in either Service or civilian life.

Flying at Kapiti Aero Club

In Terms One and Four go powered flying on weekends at Kapiti Aero Club, where our Cadets get behind the control and fly aircraft. We aim to go flying 6-8 weekends each year with mixture of flying planes and helicopters.

Military and Outdoor Training

Throughout the year we have training and adventure weekends and camps on bushcraft, navigation, weather, radio, first aid, and firearms safety and marksmanship. We aim to do 3-4 bushcraft and 8 shooting weekends each year.

We use .22 calibre smallbore target rifles for our firearms safety training. This training also further develops self-discipline, confidence, and teamwork. Cadets must pass a strict TOET (Test of Elementary Training) before being allowed on the range.

Leadership Training

As our Cadets progress they will be involved with planning training, delivering lessons and taking drill. This is a great way develop the leadership and instructional skills they learn during NZCF promotion courses.

Community Service

Throughout the year our Cadets will be involved in community activities such as Anzac Day, Poppy Day, and Citizenship Ceremonies. We also support the local Returned Service Association and participate in charitable fundraising activities.

NZCF Courses and Programmes

NZCF run a number of local and national courses that will be available to you throughout your NZCF careers. These include both leadership (promotion) courses and specific skill training courses. Cadet Units also participate in regional and national skills competitions, and annual power flying and air navigation camps. There is also the opportunity to go overseas through the three week International Air Cadet Exchange scheme (IACE).

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Duke of Edinburgh

All training provided by the NZCF can be cross credited to those who are working towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award, with badges awarded to those who complete the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award.

To find out more click on the link: https://dofehillary.org.nz/