Rotary Flying Report by Corporal Eagles

Once we got to Palmerston North Airport we had to wait for someone from the flight school to meet us, so we went into the room which contained a pool table and dart board.  After meeting the pilot/instructor we walked down to the hangar to help pull out the helicopter before the first person went for their flight.

Once they were in the air the rest of us walked back to the flight school and played pool and darts.  I was last to go for a flight, and since I was last I had seen the other cadets attempts at hovering at the end of their flight, which made me a little nervous because of how much they had wobbled around.

Once in the air we flew out along a river where we practised some turns, than we headed out over the town to look around with some 360 turns.  Finally we headed back to the airfield and I attempted to hover, which is a lot harder than it looks!

After we had landed I helped to put the helicopter back in the hangar then we walked back to the building where we put all our details in our logbooks.  After saying our goodbyes we jumped back into our cars and went to Carl’s Jnr’s for lunch, before we headed home.

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