First 1 hour flight by Cdt Pine

When I first arrived at Paraparaumu Airfield it was a hot day and I thought “Wow the view will be great” and it was!

I went out to the Cessna 152 and hopped into the seat, where I was taken through the controls and what each one does by my pilot/instructor Josh.

After that we taxied down the runway before we turned around and took off into the sky.  It was great!  We went up to and around Kapiti Island and I got to take over some of the controls while I tried to keep the plane level.  It was a rather windy day, so keeping the plane level wasn’t easy.

After we’d circled Kapiti Island we headed back to the airfield and landed.  Once we were back on the ground we went through a debrief of the flight and completed the flight details in my log book.  With “thank you” and “goodbyes” complete we headed home.

Basically I learnt how to fly an aeroplane – a good day overall!

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