Paremata School Gala Recruitment Drive – 29th Oct

Our first try at a different recruitment drive – targeting Yr 8 pupils and hopefully building a long term relationship with local primary schools, setting up our flight simulator and a slideshow of unit activities on projectors in Classroom 7.  While some cadets manned the flight sim’s, other cadets and parents patrolled the Gala distributing … Read more

Flying 9th Oct

The weather was perfect for trios of cadets to assemble at Paraparaumu Airport for an hour of fixed wing flight training each.  In total 12 cadets took to the skies to circle Kapiti Island, practice touch & go take-offs and landings or complete circuits and other flight drills.

Exercise GPS

The unit deployed North to Waiterere Forest for a weekend camping and learning navigation skills – compass work and map reading. This combined with First Aid training meant some of the navigation exercises over the weekend were intentionally interrupted with simulated medical emergency situations. Some excellent improvisation saw stretchers made from jackets and branches to … Read more

RNZRSA 95th National Council Meeting

SGT Brown & CPL Toohey attended the RNZRSA National Council Meeting on the 14th November as official greeters of guests and dignitaries. They welcomed senior government and defence force personnel to the Michael Fowler Centre for the occasion. We were fortunate to be able to have photos of them with various people.