Fundraiser BBQ – Sun 13th May

A number of cadets volunteered to man the Bunnings Porirua community BBQ on Sunday 13th May to raise funds towards their unit activities.

After a quiet morning business picked up and peaked around lunchtime before dying off towards the end of the day.  Being Mother’s Day, plus the rather poor weather probably didn’t help sales, but by the end of the day over 250 sausage sizzles had been cooked and sold.

A big thank you goes to all those who volunteered including those parents who helped too (some good teamwork was shown on the production line), plus Bunnings Porirua for giving the unit access to their BBQ with free gas!

Pictured:- 1) The 12noon – 2pm team, 2) Production line in operation – sausage & onion cooking, bread & serviette, sauces & finally the money taker on the far end = great teamwork!

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